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Illustration Work for Trello.

Some of the illustrations I created for Trello. Each illustration is linked to a respective blog post. Feel free to browse!

4 Non-Traditional Workplace Practices For Leaders To Consider Adopting

I used stars as a metaphor for "non-traditional practices" that are being let in to the workspace by a character.


The 5 Biggest Hurdles To Managing Remote Teams (And How To Overcome Them)

I wanted to find a fresh way to represent the idea of remote work in this illustration. I used the ship to represent a manager, rocks to represent hurdles and the lighthouse to represent Trello, guiding the ship through the rough waters.


5 Ways To Welcome New Hires When Your Company Is Distributed

A fun illustration I created to illustrate a blog post about how to welcome a new employee when working remotely.


The Future Of Work Is Asynchronous—And These Companies Are Leading The Way

In this illustration a character breaks free from 9 to 5 represented by a stone clock, embracing true flexibility, as the old system crumbles down. 

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